Shirien Damra


UX design is a process, and so was my journey getting there.

My introduction to design was with fine art as a child. Drawing lines, space, colors, and the experiences they create were all things I learned and became fascinated by early on.

My background studying sociology taught me how to take into consideration context and social factors when thinking about human interaction and behavior.

My work experience in nonprofit organizing and communications has shown me how to reach and understand others from different walks of life. It taught me that the key to success is to take the time to know your audience and be able to strategically and intentionally engage with them and their needs.

UX design has inspired me to build upon this foundation. As a designer, my design process aims to empathize with the needs of humans, help create solutions to problems, and design inclusive and enjoyable experiences. 

I see UX design as a blend of the three things I love most: art, people, and technology. I'm passionate about using my diverse experiences and skillset to create meaningful products for positive social impact. 

My background has allowed me to work on some cool projects recently in UX, brand consulting/logo design, illustration and visual design/communications.

If you'd like to chat, feel free to connect with me. I'd love to talk design, discuss opportunities, and collaborate on dope projects. Resume available upon request.